Do you know how to deal with the media?

Maybe you have a good story to tell

and don't know how to get your message across...
Or maybe you don’t know what to do when things go wrong

Help is at hand.

We are a Yorkshire-based award-winning agency offering media
training, public relations and crisis communications advice across the UK.

Knowing that Kate and her team at Capital B Media are passionate about us at Magna and our mission builds the best kind of confidence. The confidence I share with the team at Capital B Media means that I never have to doubt that they have our best interests at heart. And best of all since we started working with them our visitor numbers are up!

Karen Staniforth - Magna Science Adventure Centre
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The pitch, content etc were all just right. I enjoyed all of it, although some bits were initially terrifying! But it was very useful to be interviewed on difficult issues in a safe environment. And it was very real, because the interviewing was tough, but definitely inspired confidence.

Hilary Jones - North East Derbyshire District Council
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