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At Capital B Media we don’t just promise, we deliver. At least 97 per cent* of our press releases are used – most of them in several media outlets, including television, radio, newspapers, websites and magazines.
The media coverage has led to tangible results for organisations and businesses, such as the manufacturer who received several orders after a page lead in a newspaper, the visitor attraction that saw visits to its website nearly triple within hours of being featured on TV and the supplier that saw a surge in inquiries after being in the trade press.
But these days it’s not just traditional media that matters – an integrated approach is vital.
Social media provides excellent opportunities to extend the reach of your PR. We can help you to use on-line vehicles like Facebook and Twitter to tell your story to a much larger audience; further enhance your organisation’s profile and manage its reputation.
The press releases, video shorts, audio clips and podcasts we produce and the media coverage we gain for our clients can all be shared widely through today’s ever-expanding social media networks.
We can help you to make best use of your company’s Facebook page, Twitter account and website by supplying the lively, timely and newsy content, comment and connections you need.
Our bespoke media strategies are, therefore, designed to help each client make effective and appropriate use of social media as suits them. It’s essential to achieve maximum impact and gain best ‘value for money’ on your PR spend.
Our PR success is based upon our understanding of the media. Associates at Capital B Media have a background in journalism. We have literally been there, filmed it, Tweeted about it and got the T-shirt.
Here are some examples of stories we have got into the media:
Reds go green
Toy dealer's pet ate batman
Web redesign leads to boost for manufacturer
Carbon negative office building built in Yorkshire
Redundancy leads to new life as brewer
Firm lands new deal to screen airline staff
Lone worker experts secure new deal
We also offer media training, so when the reporters start ringing up to arrange an interview, we can make sure you are equipped to get your message across.
If you'd like help dealing with the media contact us now.
 * We say at least 97% because we know our media monitoring system is not foolproof (none are) - so even the missing 3% could have got used somewhere..