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Before you write anything at all

By Kate Betts 29/12/18 - Comments: 0

Before you start writing a single word you need to think who are you writing for and what do you want them to do?

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You don't have to talk to the media

By Kate Betts 17/12/18 - Comments: 0

Not all publicity is good publicity. There are times when you can, and should, pass up the chance to speak to the press

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What's the point of media training?

By Kate Betts 19/10/18 - Comments: 0

Persimmon Homes CEO shows why it is worth media training your senior managers - and also your comms advisors

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In defence of the press release

By Kate Betts 12/07/18 - Comments: 0

Is the press release dead? Or alive and kicking?

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Ask our Associates: John Smith

By Chris Coates 14/06/18 - Comments: 0

In the first of a series of blogs introducing our associates, we spoke to John Smith, who runs his own design & branding company, CreativeSmith.

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“A great story is one you can’t wait to tell someone about”

By Mary Ferguson 21/05/18 - Comments: 0

If you want your news to be seen by thousands, TV is the holy grail of media coverage. But what do broadcast journalists actually think about the press releases you send them?

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Is social media a waste of time?

By Kate Betts 16/04/18 - Comments: 0

Should other businesses follow Wetherspoons and get off social media?

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Good news is not always good news

By Kate Betts 30/01/18 - Comments: 0

Or why journalists prefer bad news.

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New beginnings

By Mary Ferguson 03/01/18 - Comments: 0

Hello January, hello New Year resolutions. At Capital B Media, we're feeling determined...

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2017: Our Year

By Mary Ferguson 19/12/17 - Comments: 0

As 2017 draws to a close, Mary Ferguson looks back at the last 12 months in the world of Capital B Media.

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Have you got the Black Friday feeling?

By Charlotte Goldthorpe 24/11/17 - Comments: 0

Black Friday in 2014 was a PR nightmare. Yet three years on things feel very different.

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My first weeks in PR

By Chris Coates 15/11/17 - Comments: 0

New Junior Account Executive Chris Coates discusses his first weeks at Capital B Media.

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The importance of personal branding

By Kate Betts 14/09/17 - Comments: 0

People do business with people. But how authentic is your brand?

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My early perceptions of public relations

By Luke Marino 07/09/17 - Comments: 0

Guest blog written by Ameilia French, journalism student at Northumbria University, who joined the Capital B Media team on work experience.

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So, what is it you actually DO?

By Mary Ferguson 14/08/17 - Comments: 0

Mary Ferguson answers the question that PR professionals hear the most.

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Aligning PR activity with your business goals

By Charlotte Goldthorpe 14/07/17 - Comments: 0

When it comes to setting business objectives, how you communicate them to your comms team is vital to your success.

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Leadership and communication are vital in a crisis

By Kate Betts 20/06/17 - Comments: 0

Kate Betts looks at why leaders need to be seen, to listen and to reassure in a major emergency

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Top tips to successfully live-tweet your event

By Luke Marino 01/06/17 - Comments: 0

Live-tweeting has become a fixture at most conferences, events, webinars, and lectures, for attendees and organisers alike.

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The magic of magazines

By Mary Ferguson 15/05/17 - Comments: 0

Mary Ferguson looks back on a lifetime of love for magazines - and crosses her fingers for their future.

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Preparation is the key to a media interview

By Kate Betts 08/05/17 - Comments: 0

It's vital to prepare for a media interview and use the opportunity to enhance or protect your reputation.

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Are you prepared for when things go wrong?

By Kate Betts 26/04/17 - Comments: 0

Top tips on how to write a crisis communications plan for small businesses

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The 411 on the latest social media updates

By Michelle Tyma 10/04/17 - Comments: 0

In the last month social media companies have introduced a load of new updates, and with so much news it’s hard to keep up. But don’t fear. We’ve put together a run-down o...

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What is content marketing?

By Charlotte Goldthorpe 15/02/17 - Comments: 0

‘Content is king’ - just one of the many phrases used to describe the importance of content marketing. But what does it involve?

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My first week at Capital B Media

By Charlotte Goldthorpe 20/01/17 - Comments: 0

Charlotte Goldthorpe recently joined the Capital B Media team as an account manager and talks about her first week in the new role.

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My first few months in public relations

By Luke Marino 12/10/16 - Comments: 0

My career in public relations began at the start of 2016, and it’s fair to say it’s been an enjoyable journey to date.

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In defence of PR

By Mary Ferguson 20/09/16 - Comments: 0

The comments section of the Mail Online can often harbour a hot-bed of bilious opinion, but one comment in particular caught my eye recently.

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Top ten tips for top ten tips

By Charlotte Goldthorpe 03/07/16 - Comments: 0

There are many regular columns in the media to which you may be asked to contribute as a public figure, local business leader or an expert in your field.

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The outcome of the EU referendum shows importance of being concise

By Kate Betts 27/06/16 - Comments: 0

One of the most important learning points in media training is the importance of using key messages. We work with a lot of spokespeople who have to explain complicated situation...

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Sorry seems to be the hardest word

By Kate Betts 21/05/16 - Comments: 0

Why do big organisations find it so hard to say “sorry”? They listen too much to their lawyers, that’s why.

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