Getting results

At Capital B Media, we don't just promise, we deliver. 100 per cent of our press releases are used - most of them in several media outlets, including television, radio, newspapers, websites and magazines.

If you add up the value of the media coverage gained from our press releases alone it can be as high as 13 times what you pay us. That's a 13 times ROI. And that is just for the press releases.

And as we all know these days PR is much more than just press releases, it's about an integrated, multi-media approach to content. It's about maximising the reach of the content and getting actual results.

It's about gaining more of the right kind of followers on Twitter or seeing a video on YouTube going viral. It's about e-newsletters that encourage people to click on your website and engage with your organisation. Basically it's about PR outcomes leading to business outcomes.

We know our PR work leads to tangible results for organisations and businesses, such as the manufacturer who received several orders after a page lead in a newspaper, the visitor attraction that saw visits to its website nearly triple within hours of being featured on TV, the supplier that saw a surge in enquiries after being in the trade press and the conference that was buzzing after we created a buzz on social media.

Here are some examples of stories we have placed in the media:

If you want us to get results for you too, please contact us.