Our PR services

We offer a wide range of public relations services to meet your needs in a multi-media world.

Each PR campaign is tailormade to achieve maximum impact and gain best ‘value for money’ on your PR spend. We will work with you to find out the results you want, who you are targeting, what you want to say to that market and then work out how you are going to say it.

We use a variety of tools and a variety of media channels to maximise the impact of public relations.

Yes, we write press releases, and yes, they do lead to a lot of media coverage. (We know that our return on investment for press releases alone is 13 times what you pay us, and that every one we write is used somewhere online or in a newspaper or magazine.)

But public relations is so much more these days and we can help you in a myriad of ways.

Social media provides excellent opportunities to extend the reach of your PR. We can help you to use on-line vehicles like Facebook and Twitter to tell your story to a much larger audience; further enhance your organisation’s profile and manage its reputation.

The press releases, video shorts, audio clips and podcasts we produce and the media coverage we gain for our clients can all be shared widely through today’s ever-expanding social media networks.  

The public relations services we offer include: 

  • Writing and distributing press releases

  • Liaising with relevant journalists

  • Researching relevant publications, media outlets and media opportunities

  • Media relations advice – including crisis planning

  • Social media campaigns, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Production of audio and video for use on your website and to offer to the media

  • Copywriting for websites, newsletters and e-newsletters

  • Photography

Need something else? If you’re looking for something a bit extra, or would like to talk about your PR needs, we’d love to have a chat over a coffee. So please do contact us