PR seminars

Capital B Media can provide PR seminars which offer clients a real insight into how the media works and how organisations, large and small, can use PR to tell their story and raise their profile.

The expert seminars are designed to help businesses, public bodies, charities and voluntary organisations promote themselves for free, by telling the media their stories and also contributing to the wide range of media opportunities which may be available to them.

PR seminars can be used as an introduction to PR prior to working with a PR consultancy in order to get the most out of that specialist input, or can be delivered as a practical introduction to handling PR in-house, if appropriate. 

Capital B Media's managing director Kate Betts has run seminars such as this for various business support organisations over many years. This includes well over 100 events for the Government-funded advice service Business Link. She has also run events for Enterprising Barnsley, UK Trade and Investment, KC Business, Hull University's Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Forward Ladies. The workshops have led to positive results for many businesses:

"The seminar filled me with enough confidence to send a press release to “Estate Agent” the magazine for all members of the National Association of Estate Agents. It's difficult to get anything into this magazine as they try and avoid unintentional advertising. The advice you gave was invaluable and got me a page and half to publicise my new business to a membership of over 10,000! A BIG thank you."

"The course itself was excellent and it gave me the confidence (and inside knowledge) of how the media world works, who to contact and when to get maximum exposure for free. My news story was a success and was printed in 3 local papers – one paper giving us ¾ of a page with colour photographs, you couldn’t miss it if you tried. The real eye opener was that I did not expect a 42% increase in new patient activity from the free media exposure. It shows if the right people deliver the right training it really does work!!"

"We learnt a number of techniques including what the media are looking for and how to write a press release that will get used. Using this I prepared a release for my company which got picked up by the Sheffield Star the following week. I would recommend this workshop to any business looking to raise their profile in the media."

Please contact us to enquire about booking a PR seminar to meet your needs.