Why use PR?

Public relations is an excellent way to raise your profile; boost your reputation and develop good relationships with your customers, clients, partners, supporters or any other stakeholders relevant to you and your organisation. Public relations is about promoting a better understanding of who you are and what you do; engaging with target audiences and communicating your key messages clearly and effectively.

Boost your reputation 

Good PR can really help to boost your business. Brand names stick in people’s minds once they have heard them enough times. It is said once you have heard a name about half a dozen times you will remember it. Positive editorial mentions in the media is one very good way to get your name out there, so that when a potential customer Googles for your type of business, or is simply asked by a colleague or friend to name a good company in your sector, your name sticks out or comes to mind. We tend to trust the name we know, rather than the unfamiliar.

TraDitional Media 

Research also shows that editorial coverage carries more weight than advertising, particularly for high-quality goods and services, and that reputation is influenced by media coverage. That is not to say you should ditch advertising, rather see PR as another marketing tool to use to get your name out there.

‘Editorial mentions’ have the advantage of credibility as they are, in effect, like a third party endorsement of your goods or services. If you think that a simple advert in a local paper can cost thousands, then maybe paying for PR is not such a daft idea.


Social media 

PR is no longer just about the traditional media outlets of newspapers, magazines, radio and television either, there is also the added dimension of social media to consider. The great advantage of social media is its immediacy and accessibility. You can share your own news on there and link back to your website too; you can speak directly to customers or potential customers and they can interact with you. There is no need to get past the gate-keepers of media outlets, ie news editors, producers, and you have complete control of the content you post. Social media is a great way to extend the impact of your PR work.


strategy & planning 

PR can be an extremely worthwhile investment as part of your long-term business planning and strategy. While a one-off editorial mention can (and often does) have an impact, PR can be a slow-burn. The cumulative effect of positive mentions in the media over a period of time will enhance your reputation and raise your profile. Read our case studies to see how we have helped out our clients. 

And remember it is not just potential clients that are influenced by the media, but others such as policy-makers, suppliers and potential employees. If you'd like help dealing with the media we'd love to hear from you. Contact us today.