Crisis Comms

How you communicate in a crisis can make or break your organisation.

So what do you do if something goes horribly wrong? A member of the public is killed because of some mix up, an explosion destroys half your premises, you accidentally pollute a river or release dangerous chemicals in to the air….

It might be something less dramatic- a member of staff leaves a memory stick with confidential data on the train, a customer complains to the local paper about the way they were treated or you find yourself in court over something a former director did.

Bury your head in the sand and the damage to your reputation can be irreparable. It can hit the bottom line, it can even destroy your organisation. At the very least it will affect trust in your organisation.

You may have business continuity plans in place, you may have taken out insurance and have back up for when things go wrong, but you also need to plan how you are going to communicate. How are you going to speak to your staff, your customers, stakeholders, the media…..

At Capital B Media we are adept at providing training and advice in communicating during a crisis. We have worked with public and private sector advising on what to say and how to say it. We have trained and practised and planned; whether it’s dealing with a highly critical Serious Case Review, a damaging court case or preparing for possible sudden incidents.

After all you don’t want to be making it up as the cameras start rolling, websites are commenting and Twitter starts buzzing with your name. You need to plan. And that’s where Capital B Media can help.

Please contact us for an initial, confidential chat about crisis communications. You need to be prepared.