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Presentation Skills

Facing a TV camera or radio microphone is a daunting prospect, but for many people standing up in front of staff, potential customers or any crowd is equally daunting. 

That's where Capital B Media can also help. We offer speaking and presentation skills training for anyone who may have to address an audience, no matter how big or small.

We have worked with managing directors due to speak at international conferences; CEOs preparing to address MPs and ministers, and chairs of public sector authorities who have to speak regularly at public meetings.

Our presentation skills training is very practical and hands-on. We can film and review the presentation and help you with the structure, content - and your nerves! 

Whatever the occasion, we can probably help. So please contact us now.


Recruitment interviews

We also offer mock radio or TV interviews for organisations as part of their recruitment process.

These can test whether a potential new senior member of staff is able to represent the organisation in the best possible light in the media.

We can work with you to draw up a suitable scenario to test candiates' ability to handle the media intrerviews. We can provide recordings of interviews and feedback if required.

We have worked with fire and police services and a national park authority to help them choose the right candidate for senior posts. 

Please contact us in confidence to discuss your needs