Media Training Design

Capital B Media do not use off-the-shelf training packages.

Each training session is designed individually after meetings with the client, because each client has very different needs. By discussing those needs before any training takes place Capital B Media can make sure the sessions are as relevant and useful as possible.

We believe the optimum ratio of participants to trainers is four to one. This is small enough for everyone to have a go at role play and big enough for peer observation and feedback.

Capital B Media have run training sessions for just one person and for groups of up to 12, as well as making presentations to much bigger groups. One-to-one sessions are useful for senior managers facing a "crisis" situation. Presentations can help give staff an understanding of how the media works. The length and cost of training sessions depends on the number of participants and their requirements.

Sessions are usually very hands-on, but do include some theory to put it all in context. Capital B Media use broadcast quality radio and TV equipment and scenarios that are relevant to the client's business.

For clients who have been media trained, but may soon be in the spotlight, Capital B Media offer refresher sessions. They can cover specific scenarios to make sure the right message gets across.

Capital B Media has a training venue on the edge of the beautiful South Yorkshire Pennines, just 15 minutes from the M1, with plenty of free parking. The training can also be done at radio and TV studios or at the client's premises, making it easier for busy managers and staff, or at a suitable alternative venue.

The training can include:

  • Radio interviews with role play

  • TV interviews with role play

  • Print interviews with role play

  • Preparing to deal with the media in a crisis

  • Using social media in a crisis

  • Getting good stories into the press

  • Writing press releases

  • Running a press conference

Please contact us now to discuss your needs.