Barnsley solicitors raise money for charity by writing wills

9 November 2015

Charlotte Hudson of Raleys solicitors in Barnsley - This photo was supplied by Capital B Media, a public relations and media training agency based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. For more information, please visit  Raleys Solicitors have signed up to offer a free will writing service throughout November in return for a donation to charity.

Raleys, the only solicitors in Barnsley to have signed up to Will Aid, which raises money for nine national charities, are already on target to raise more than £3,500.

Every November Will Aid asks solicitors to sign up to offer to write wills for a donation. The suggested amount is £95 for a simple will. This year Will Aid is raising money for Action Aid, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Age UK, Save the Children, Sightsavers, Trocaire and Sciaf.

Charlotte Hudson, head of the wills, trusts and probate department at Raleys, said: “Making a will is vital so that you can make sure that your personal effects and property go to those you want it to. And it is also vital to make sure the person who makes the will is trained and regulated.

“If you don’t make a will it can cause all sorts of heartache after your death. So it really is worth the small amount it costs to make a will. And of course the best thing about doing it in November is knowing that the cost is going to a good cause too.”
According to the Law Society nearly three-quarters of under-55s do not have a will. And two-thirds of those over-55 do not either.*
Charlotte said: “The figures are startling. This means there are literally millions of people in this country who are leaving it to luck where their possessions go after they die. What about someone who is not directly related for example, but you are very close to? How can you be sure they will receive anything?

“It’s make sense to make a will. And it makes sense to have that will drawn up by a solicitor. Some people try and save money by writing a DIY will or getting an unregulated will writer to do it, but that can lead to all sorts of problems – and it doesn’t even save you money, as getting a will done by a solicitor is cheaper than a lot of people think.”

According to a YouGov survey** almost 90 per cent of people surveyed were happy with the services of solicitors in drawing up a will and more than half want to see all will writers regulated.

Jonathan Smithers, president of the Law Society, said: “It is encouraging to see that the public are beginning to recognise the importance of using a solicitor over an unregulated will writer.”

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Attached photograph shows Charlotte Hudson of Raleys.



Raleys Solicitors are based in Regent Street in the centre of Barnsley. The firm, which was set up in 1883, offers advice in personal injury, work-related disease, medical negligence, accidents at work, criminal injury claims, employment law, conveyancing, wills, trust and probate, and court of protection.

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