Hen party with a difference

26 July 2010


A hen party with a difference is being held in Hickling this weekend.
The invited guests will be raising money for the British Hen Welfare Trust, which re-homes battery farmed chickens.
Party organiser, Mary McCambridge, has 19 chickens herself.
“The first lot I got about two years ago were quite a shock as they were almost bald so I modified some tiny babygrow garments for them to wear,” said Mary.
This Saturday’s party at Mary’s Heath Road home is for female supporters of the charity, but they will be allowed to bring along male friends to meet some of the hens. There will also be the chance to sample home-made cakes and scones - all made with free-range eggs of course.
The British Hen Welfare Trust, which has Jamie Oliver and Antony Worrall-Thompson as patrons, has helped re-home more than 200,000 hens. But there are still 16 million hens kept in battery cages in the UK.
Mary hopes that not only will the party raise money, but also awareness of the plight of the hens and bring more people forward to offer them a home.
She said: “Hens really bring the garden to life. They are lovely and friendly. We had one that used to pop in through a bedroom window most days and hop up onto the wardrobe into a pet basket and lay an egg.
“One day when David my partner was ill with flu, she came in as usual and on seeing him laying there and his curly hair, she decided to go to the top of the bed and she promptly laid an egg on his head!”
Photographers are invited to attend the party at Jubilee Bungalow, Heath Road, Hickling, between 2 and 7pm on Saturday 31st July.
Mary McCambridge can be contacted on 01692 598 979.
The British Hen Welfare Trust website is http://www.bhwt.org.uk

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