Magna invites former steelworkers back for reunion

24 January 2014

Magna is inviting former steelworkers back to their workplace for a reunion – more than 20 years after it closed

Magna Science Adventure Centre is housed in the giant former Templeborough steel works, which opened in 1916 and at its height employed 10,000 people. It shut in 1993 and was mothballed until its conversion to Magna in 2001.

The reunion on February 8 is open to all former steelworkers and their families. The event is free, with a pie and peas lunch, a brass band, access to the visitor attraction and beer at the price it was when the steelworks closed – just £1.30 a pint.

John Silker, general manager of Magna, said: “We know that this building is a massive part of the history of the area. Although it is now a visitor attraction, education resource and corporate events venue, it is very much rooted in the steel industry and is a valued asset to South Yorkshire.”

At one time the steelworks, which were a mile long, were said to be Europe’s largest. There were 14 open-hearth furnaces and 14 chimneys, which were replaced in the 1960s with electric arc furnaces. One of the arc furnaces is now a giant pyrotechnic display in the visitor centre called the Big Melt.

The steelworks, which became known as Steelos, after the owners Steel, Peech and Tozer, produced up to 18 million tonnes of steel a year.

“By inviting former steelworkers back to Magna, we are marking the living history of this remarkable building,” said John Silker.

“We hope they will enjoy meeting old colleagues and reminiscing about their days in what must have been an amazing place to work.”

So far more than 120 people have registered to attend the event, which runs from 12pm to 4pm. As well as the free pie and peas lunch, there will be music from Maltby Brass Band; performances of poems and songs of the steel industry; free “steel tours” around Magna telling its history, and access to the visitor attraction’s hands-on exhibits devoted to the elements of fire, air, water and earth.

The event is all-ticket, with tickets available by emailing or contacting 01709 723102.


For more information about Magna go to or contact Lisa Woolhouse on 01709 723145 or at

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Magna has more than 100 hands-on exhibits designed to explore the four elements of air, water, earth and fire. It also hosts regular school trips and business and social events, and can cater for events for up to 3,000 people. Outside, Magna boasts the Sci-Tek adventure play area and the Aqua-Tek water play area, which is open during the warmer months.

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