Sheffield singer songwriter gains financial support for her first solo album

27 March 2015

A Sheffield singer-songwriter has secured £2,500 worth of funding to invest in her first solo album through a crowd-funding appeal.

Singer and musician Julia McInally asked for cash to support her creative project on the Kickstarter website last week.
Within just seven days, 85 backers have pledged £2,559 to help her produce her own acoustic album of self-penned songs.

The appeal is still open and Julia is seeking more support to make her dream come true. She aims to record ‘Flying Solo’ before the end of the year.

Julia, aged 41, said: “I can’t believe it. The response so far has been wonderful. It was a big decision to ask for help, but once I decided to make the crowdfunding appeal I poured my heart out online.

“I’ve had a tough time emotionally of late, but coming out the other side of that has made me determined to pursue my dream and record an album.

“In the past, I’ve lacked the courage, cash and conviction – but it has all come together now and I am incredibly grateful to people for signing up to support me through Kickstarter.”

Kickstarter is an established crowdfunding platform where people can ask for backers to support creative enterprises such as films, games, music, art, design and technology ventures. In return, creatives like Julia must offer their funders a reward or thank you.

More than 85 people have so far responded to Julia’s crowd-funding appeal pledging between £1 and £200 to her cause.

Julia has promised her backers, depending on how much they have invested, free copies of the CDs, complimentary tickets to her launch gig, free mini performances especially for their friends and family, and even offered to write a song especially for them.

“It is a great system. I look forward to thanking every one of my backers whether it means posting them a copy of the CD or meeting them for a chat and writing them a song. I appreciate every level of support.”

Julia, who released her first CD single 'No Good Alone' via iTunes in October last year, is a regular performer in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire pubs and venues and also took to the stage at Sheffield City Hall with Boy on a Dolphin at their Christmas concert in 2013.

She also works as a music coach and mentor for girl band ‘The Sparkle Sistaz’ with Sheffield’s ‘Under the Stars’ initiative that supports adults with learning disabilities to express themselves through music.

Originally from Lancashire, she is the daughter of folk singer Chrissy Waldron, who ran a Rochdale folk club when Julia was a child. Julia learned to play the guitar at the age of eight and first got up on stage and sang at the age of 11.

Julia’s next gig, featuring her latest material, will be at Yellow Arch Studios’ new venue in Sheffield on Wednesday May 13th.

Tickets are available via Julia McInally Music Facebook page priced £7.00

Julia lives in Meersbrook with her children Iona, aged 10 and Fraser, aged 6.

See her Kickstarter appeal which is open until Saturday April 18th here:

Notes to editor

Attached photograph shows Julia McInally with her guitar

For more information, please contact Julia on 07813 846428 or at

Visit her Facebook page at or Twitter @JuliaMcInally

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