The mobile phone you can use while filling up

14 October 2010

Ever wondered why you should switch off your mobile phone while filling up the car?
Well, a South Yorkshire firm can now supply a mobile that can be used safely at petrol stations.
But Ian Johannessen, managing director of lone worker experts Peoplesafe, said that although the Sonim Sentinel EX2 can be used safely on the forecourt, the real market was businesses with workers in areas at risk of explosion.
“The phone can be used in what is called Atex Zones 2 and 22 atmospheres. That makes it suitable for places like oil rigs, distribution centres, chemical plants, and gas and oil pipeline areas, and dusty atmospheres, where there is a real danger of explosion,” he said.
The launch of the phone is very timely as it comes as the oil and gas industry is being warned about its safety record by the Health and Safety Executive.
Although no workers were killed offshore in 2009/10 there were 50 major injuries reported, up 20 on 2008/09 and higher than the average of 42 over the previous five years. These statistics are probably only the tip of the iceberg in regard to injuries that occur in the industry.
The figures prompted the HSE’s head of offshore division Steve Walker to fire off a warning to the oil and gas industry.
He said: “This year's overall health and safety picture is simply not good enough. The industry has shown it can do better and it must do in future.”
Peoplesafe, which has its headquarters at Dinnington, already supplies a wide range of organisations with devices to protect lone workers. Clients include major names like retailers Argos, Halfords and Carphone Warehouse, house builders Persimmon and TaylorWimpey and leading car parking company Q Park and housing associations and council departments.
As well as the Sonim mobile phone, the equipment could be a specially adapted ID badge, adaptations to a regular mobile phone, Blackberry, PDA or Smartphone.
Lone workers can raise the alarm with Peoplesafe’s 24/7 monitoring centre if they are threatened with violence, but they can also be located by GPS technology and, in the case of the Sonim phones there is a ‘man-down’ function, which can even detect and locate a worker that has fallen from height, been in an accident or fallen unconscious.
Ian said: “Worker safety is vital to any employer and when you are operating in extreme environments you need to be able to rely on your equipment.
“Combining the Sonim with Peoplesafe’s monitoring centre gives peace of mind to employers that their staff are being protected.”
For further information, contact Lucy Tointon at Peoplesafe on (01909) 560912 or at
Sales telephone number: 0845 5432088 or at
About Peoplesafe:
Peoplesafe is the brand for lone worker safety solutions offered by Rocksure Systems Ltd, based at Church Lane, Dinnington, South Yorkshire. Visit the website at

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