Web redesign leads to boost for manufacturer

27 February 2012

Companies are being urged to make more use of the internet after a manufacturer saw a near six-fold increase in enquiries following a web redesign by a Sheffield firm.
Alpha 3 Manufacturing Limited has already seen business worth about £½m generated as a result of the new websites designed by Arkom.
Alpha 3, which has its headquarters in Scunthorpe, makes everything from industrial filters and electronic components to wiring and audio and video cabling within its five business units – all based in the UK.
Sales enquiries rocketed after the Alpha 3 main website, the five business unit websites and five micro-sites were rebuilt from scratch by Arkom, who specialise in scalable websites. Marketing executive Diane Kilminster said the effect was immediate.
“I jokingly asked the team at Arkom to switch off the sites, because we were getting so many enquiries. It was amazing how it increased,” said Diane.
Arkom’s revamp means that most of Alpha 3’s products appear on the first couple of pages in an internet search, with work continuing to get them all on the first page. And it is not just exact product names that matter, according to Alan Easter, managing director at Arkom.
“It is really important to think about generic names as well. Some people will search for a specific product, but others will put in something more general, like industrial filter. So SEO needs to be designed to both product specific and generic.”
Arkom build scalable websites for manufacturers. The websites can be fine-tuned as often as necessary, rather than having to be re-built from scratch every few years. They also offer a customer care package, which means they keep a close eye on the website and regularly review its performance.
Their other clients include BBraun of Sheffield, Downs Surgical of Sheffield, MEL Chemicals of Manchester, Lab M of Bury, GSM Valtech of Wetherby, and Cutting and Wear of Rotherham.
Before Arkom rebuilt Alpha 3’s websites they were getting a maximum of five enquiries a month, once the new sites were up and running that increased to an average of 28, with the highest being 36. And Diane said the enquiries are now of a higher quality and yielding more sales.
“The use of generic terms meant that one company searching for waterproof enclosures to house electrical components found us even though they didn’t know the exact product they needed. That led to an order worth £80,000,” said Diane.
“And we picked up a £400,000 order from within an industrial sector we had never previously sold into, after a company came across us while looking for a particular electronic filter because the SEO is so good.
“We’re also currently working on an enquiry from another new sector –renewable energy – thanks to the SEO. So the websites are really opening up new markets,” said Diane.
“Nowadays if you want to buy something you Google it. Trade fairs are still necessary, but they are not the top of the list. The website is the top of the list.”
Alpha 3 Manufacturing was set up in January 2007 to consolidate three manufacturing businesses under one organisation: CCS Electronics, which is based in Runcorn, Cheshire; CTL Manufacturing based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, and DEM Manufacturing (previously Deltron Emcon) based in Scunthorpe. In 2009, the two distribution franchises of Eledis and Dubilier were also consolidated offering an extensive range of switches and connector products.
Arkom are a specialist provider of web strategy and solutions to manufacturing companies in the North of England. Arkom formed in 1993 and specialise in building scalable websites from their base in Sheffield. Arkom also provide ongoing customer care to fine tune performance to a company’s global marketplace as a part of a long term web strategy.
For more information about Arkom contact Alan Easter on 0844 375 0742 or 0797 456 0825 or at alan.easter@arkom.co.uk
Registered address: Aizelwoods Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG.
For more information about Alpha3 and its subsidiary companies go to www.alpha3manufacturing.com or contact Diane Kilminster at dkilminster@dem-uk.com  or on 01724 273205.
Additional media contact: Kate Betts at kate@katebettsmedia.co.uk or on 01226 766900 or 077927 64891.


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