Yorkshire Water helps Barnsley Hospice save money

8 November 2012

Barnsley Hospice has been given free expert advice to help them save water - and money.

Yorkshire Water business customer manager Sue Ritchie’s brother, Stewart, was cared for at Barnsley Hospice two years ago. Yorkshire Water Business Services have now conducted a comprehensive water efficiency audit at the hospice.

Sue said: “When our team decided that we’d like to help a charitable organisation who could not afford to pay for the expertise of consultants, I suggested Barnsley Hospice. The hospice looked after my younger brother in his last few days, so I have a personal interest in their work.

“I know the hospice relies on donations so every penny counts.  My thought was that if we could work with them to ensure they are as water-efficient as possible, and so can squeeze more out of every penny they receive, that can only be a good thing for everyone who is helped by the Hospice.”

Sue and one of her colleagues conducted a full review of the hospice’s water and waste water management – a service normally taken up by large companies and organisations who pay a professional consultancy fee. They suggested a number of practical ways to make savings.

Facilities services manager at Barnsley Hospice Barbara Cronin said: “The Yorkshire Water team gave us lots of tips as well as gadgets and devices to help us reduce the amount of water that can be wasted when we’re watering plants, flushing the toilet and even turning on the taps. They also helped us understand our water bills and charges better so we can keep a close eye on our water usage.
 “We use a lot of water here at the hospice and it was very useful to review everything we do to make sure we get best use out of every drop. They’ll be sending us a  water efficiency report soon and we will continue to monitor things, such as the water pressure in our taps, to make sure we keep our water running smoothly, but not running away un-used.”
Sue added: “Quick and simple measures – such as slightly reducing the flow rates on taps - can make a lot of difference to water management.  For general hand-washing, the flow of water doesn't need to be any higher than six litres per minute. We found that many of the taps around the hospice had a flow rate much higher than this.  By lowering the flow rate, cleanliness and hygiene aren't affected but there are instant savings in both the volume of water being used and, of course, the subsequent charges.
“Many such simple measures can be undertaken by anyone wanting to review their water usage – whether they need to fix dripping taps or to address underground leakage. One drip per second on a tap can waste around five litres per day which quickly adds up to 35 litres per week or 1,820 litres over a year.”
Yorkshire Water provides lots of useful information through its ‘Save Water Save Money’ campaign – to find out more visit its website www.yorkshirewater.com.
It costs £9,000 a day to run Barnsley Hospice, which has ten beds for inpatient care and provides day care in its Limes Support and Therapy Centre as well as a wide range of other services. It has to find £2m on top of its NHS grant of £1.6m every year and relies heavily on volunteers, donations and sales at its nine shops around the borough. 
Barnsley Hospice’s main aim is to achieve the best possible quality of life for patients while supporting their relatives and friends during the period of illness and bereavement. 
Its services include specialist pain and symptom management, complementary therapies, counselling and support groups. There is also a service for people who have lymphedema – a build-up of fluid in the body which causes swelling. It can be a side effect of cancer or radiotherapy but it can affect people who do not have cancer.
For more information about Barnsley Hospice go to: www.barnsleyhospice.org
Media contact at the hospice: Laura Conrad on 01226 244 244 (ext 263) or 07787 408257 or email laura.conrad@barnsley-hospice.org . Alternatively, ring Barbara Cronin on 01226 323620 or at barbara.cronin@barnsley-hospice.org
Media contact at Yorkshire Water: Matt Thompson 07790 617924.
Additional media contact: Steph Pollard 01226 766900 or 0776 196 4492 steph@capitalbmedia.co.uk or Kate Betts on 07792 764891 kate@capitalbmedia.co.uk

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