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December 2018

Before you write anything at all

By Kate Betts 29/12/18 - Comments: 0

Before you start writing a single word you need to think who are you writing for and what do you want them to do?

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You don't have to talk to the media

By Kate Betts 17/12/18 - Comments: 0

Not all publicity is good publicity. There are times when you can, and should, pass up the chance to speak to the press

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October 2018

What's the point of media training?

By Kate Betts 19/10/18 - Comments: 0

Persimmon Homes CEO shows why it is worth media training your senior managers - and also your comms advisors

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July 2018

In defence of the press release

By Kate Betts 12/07/18 - Comments: 0

Is the press release dead? Or alive and kicking?

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June 2018

Ask our Associates: John Smith

By Chris Coates 14/06/18 - Comments: 0

In the first of a series of blogs introducing our associates, we spoke to John Smith, who runs his own design & branding company, CreativeSmith.

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May 2018

“A great story is one you can’t wait to tell someone about”

By Mary Ferguson 21/05/18 - Comments: 0

If you want your news to be seen by thousands, TV is the holy grail of media coverage. But what do broadcast journalists actually think about the press releases you send them?

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April 2018

Is social media a waste of time?

By Kate Betts 16/04/18 - Comments: 0

Should other businesses follow Wetherspoons and get off social media?

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January 2018

Good news is not always good news

By Kate Betts 30/01/18 - Comments: 0

Or why journalists prefer bad news.

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New beginnings

By Mary Ferguson 03/01/18 - Comments: 0

Hello January, hello New Year resolutions. At Capital B Media, we're feeling determined...

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